Frequently Asked Questions

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Australian PR is a status that gives you the permission to stay in Australia, indefinitely.

The purpose of migration is to build the economy, shape society, support the labour market and reunite family.

  1. Settle in Australia permanently.

  2. Work and study in Australia.

  3. Receive public health care insurance – Medicare.

  4. Sponsor your relatives to come to Australia.

If there is a particular employment shortage in Australia, that occupation shall added to the occupational list for migration purpose. If your profession is in the migration list – there is an employment shortage for that occupation in Australia.

  1. Your profession must be in the migration occupation list.
  2. Your age must be under 45 years.
  3. You must have a positive qualification assessment.
  4. You must have at least minimum English score. PTE Academic 50 in all modules or equivalent test English scores. Please note – to get invitation, from the Australian immigration, try to get superior English score – PTE Academic 79 in all modules or equivalent test English scores.
  5. You must have minimum 65 migration point scores. Please note – if you have higher scores of migrations points your visa invitation shall be faster.
  6. You must have a good character and pass the medicals.
  1. Medical Professions have 3 steps – Medical Registration, Qualification Assessment, and migration process.
  2. Non-medical professions have 2 steps – Qualification Assessment, and migration process.

You, your spouse and children. There is a government fees for each person.

All the medical professionals like doctors, nurses and pharmacists must have a registration in a relevant Australian registration body. There may be exams and registration fees, are involved in this process.

All the professions regardless of Medical or non-medical professions must do a qualification assessment in their related assessment organisations, prior to the migration process. There must be a fee involved in the assessment application process.

The Experience requirement varies according to the occupations – For example Engineers, Accountants do not required experience to apply for qualification assessment. IT Professionals with IT qualification required 2 years of experience and Nurses required 450 hours of experience, some technicians required 3 years of experience and an airline pilot required 5 years of experience to assess their skill assessment.