Parents Visiting Visa

For many children, a parent visa may be very expensive, higher processing times, or do not meet the balance of the Family tests. For those who want to bring their parents temporarily and inexpensively way–visiting visas are the best option. Longer validity visitor visas are available for parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens.


Electronic Travel Authority/eVisitor visas

E-Visitor visas can apply online. They are relatively inexpensive, and approval is quite fast-usually within 24 hours. These visas are only available if you hold a passport from certain countries-generally Europe, North America, or East Asia. They would allow multiple entries, but a maximum of 3 months for each stay in general.

Parent Visa Applicants:

The parents who are currently in the queue awaiting grant may be eligible for a longer stay visitor visa. This could be valid for up to 5 years and would be multiple entries allowing up to 12months’ stay for each visit.

Advantages of Visitor Visas

The main advantages over a permanent parent visa are as follows:

  • Lower cost: Visitor visa fees are comparatively low.
  • Faster processing time: visitor visas are generally granted within several weeks

Disadvantages of Visitor Visas

Main disadvantages of a visitor visa versus a parent visa

  • Shorter stay period: The maximum stay period a visitor visa can be granted for is 12 months.
  • No work permit: Visitor visas have no work rights
  • No Access to Medicare: On a visitor visa, you have no to obtain access and may need private health coverage.


If you are concern about money, visitor visaisa good alternative to parent visas, as they are relativelyinexpensive and give a fast outcome.A long-stay visitor visa canallow your parents to spend asignificant amount of time in Australia.Vice versa,if your parents do wish to live in Australia long time, You can minimisethecost and risk by applying for a parent visa sooner rather than later.For adetailedadvicepleasebook a consultationwithone of our advisors.