Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)

To sponsor employees for the subclass 482 TSS visa and the new subclass 494 regional visa, businesses need to be approved as a standard business sponsor. Once obtained sponsorship approval is valid for 5 years, with no limitations on the number of nominations that can be lodged. SBS holders are subject to several sponsorship obligations, including reporting, record – keeping, and notification requirements. To obtain this approval, employers required to conform following things to immigration‚Äč.

Many businesses struggle to obtain approval as a standard business sponsor - issues can be encountered where:

Maret Migration's Expertise

Maret Migration has a long track record of assisting businesses to obtain approval for this critical part of the application process. We can advise you on which documents are needed to get your business approved as a sponsor-meaning you receive your approval much quicker and with less effort and stress.