Permanent Residency 887 & 191 Visas

The permanent residency visas subclass 887 and 191 visas are the second stage visas giving permanent residence to holders skilled regional or relative provisional visas such as:

Subclass 887 does not require any nomination or sponsorship to grant this visa

Visa Criteria

To fulfill the criteria to apply for this visa, you have a provisional visa for 2 years and during those 2 years, you must live in a regional or low population growth area of Australia and if you are sponsored by a region or designated area if sponsored by an Australian relative.

Work Experience

To apply for this visa, the applicant must work full time (at least 35 hours per week) 12 months in a regional area. You can accumulate one or more part time jobs to get 35 hours or more in a week.

Duration and Conditions

Results in the grant of a permanent visa with full work and study rights in Australia. Travel facility is valid for 5 years.
If you currently hold a provisional skilled visa and wish to discuss converting across to a permanent visa, feel free to book an immigration consultation for more informations.